How I Blew My Wadd – Trying to Imitate Frank Jourdan

August 23rd, 2012

I had planned to spend most of this summer rockclimbing in Squamish, and little of it in the mountains. However, I was back in Squamish for only a few days after my road trip with Dylan before taking off to the mountains again. This past winter at the Vancouver International Film Festival I met Scott Pick, from Surrey, who has a passion for photographing mountains. He was heading into the Waddington Range with his wife, […]

West Coast Mountains Mini-Road-Trip

August 10th, 2012

My friend and climbing partner, Dylan Johnson, recently became a father, and thus has been very busy at home. Nonetheless, on July 26 he made the epic drive from his new home in Ventura, CA, back up to Seattle, and the next day we took off on an 11-day mini road-trip – the longest climbing trip he’s been on since the birth of his daughter, Emma. We loaded up his Toyota Matrix with a variety […]