Summer in Squamish – Dedication to Rock

August 12th, 2013

When I finally finished university in early 2009 I was just about ready to explode, and for the next three years I was nearly always on back-to-back alpine climbing trips, making extended annual visits to Chamonix, Alaska, Pakistan and Patagonia. For three years I think I averaged about 180 days per year on glaciers! It was an amazing stint, and I felt very happy to be following my dreams in inspiring places. The one problem, […]

I tried to onsight the pitch, but ran out of gas after the first few bolts. Photo by Chris Christie

Spring in North America – Skiing and Crevasse Falls!

August 8th, 2013

NOTE: THIS IS A BLOG POST THAT I WROTE IN EARLY JUNE. IT’S ONLY TWO MONTHS OLD! It’s been an odd spring for me. Always for me the most difficult aspect of my Patagonia addiction is the conflict it creates with my skiing addiction, and after spending most of the winter in the Austral summer, I usually return home very eager to ski. This year was no exception, and after returning to Seattle I did […]

Jon testing the waters at the top of Mt. Lefroy's West Face